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October Lit DD Round Up:iconShadowedAcolyte:
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October Lit DD Round Up by HugQueen
There is a lot of random stuff in here?????


I had to give you 4.5 stars, because no item of art is ever perfect. But, this was so close you almost got 5 stars! First off, I must agree with DracKeagan, it is so sad that we don't see more Ravenpaw and, especially Barley artwork. Barley is so important and it has always made me sad that he doesn...

by mxlove

Well, personally, I so love this. The clearer pegasus on the left is beautiful and captures the attention of the audience. But when you look closer the ghostly pegasus adds a mystical feel to it. This skin gives a loving an airy feel to this skin and personally, I will certainly use this. The clouds...


Overrun with Cats! by PsychoBluePhoenix
Overrun with Cats!
These are a group of cats that I have adopted, most via points over many years of Warriors RP, but sadly these have all gone relatively unused. Whilst they have names, as I had intended to use then, one only needs to many cats. So I will be collecting all my old cats that I no longer want nor need and selling them. 

Since I want them to go to good people they will be cheap, but are not free as I did spend lots on them. 
I would ask 5 points for each to try and reclaim some of my points. 

1. Autumnfall, She-cat : Taken
2. Flaresong, She-cat : OPEN
3. Sparrowstep, She-cat : OPEN
4. Greydream, Tom-cat : Taken
5. Oakpaw, Tom-cat : On Hold
6. Sandsmudge, Tom-cat : OPEN
7. Talonstrike, She-cat : Taken
8. Briarleap, She-cat : Taken
9. Fadedheart, Tom-cat : OPEN
10. Badgerpaw, Tom-cat : Taken
11. Stonefire, Tom-cat : OPEN
12. Rowanclaw, Tom-cat : OPEN
13. Bluegaze, She-cat : Taken
14. Ivypaw, She-cat : OPEN
15. Willowpaw, She-cat : OPEN

If you cannot afford them, ask, I might allow some to go for trades or free out of kindness. 

Whitefoot and Swiftclaw by PsychoBluePhoenix
Whitefoot and Swiftclaw
Paired together by AnimalLover670 Whitefoot and Swiftclaw have had two kits!

Peachkit, She-cat.
(Warrior Name : Peachspots)
Pale ginger she with white tipped ears, marks around both eyes and white underbelly. She has darker ginger spots on her legs. Blue eyes.
Generally quiet she-cat who loves adventure and is always available for patrol or hunting. She likes physical conflict and often sees it as a test of strength rather than a serious conflict. Her devil no care attitude towards physical conflict often scares her clan mates. She is however a very caring and friendly she-cat with skills in fighting and hunting alike. Her temper is generally hard to aggravate, you are likely to regret it should you do so. 

Orangekit, Tom-cat.
(Warrior Name : Orangeblaze)
Dark ginger tom with brown spots and grey eyes. 
A short tempered tom, Orangekit often jumps into conflicts without forethought. he very often acts before thinking despite the fact he is actually very intelligent. He in very prideful and wants to be the best. He dislikes people confronting him to tell him something he has done wrong and will often deny fault of the event. Overall he is a short tempered tom who is far too accepting of conflict. 

Hope you like them!
Brackenstrike and Ravenstripe by PsychoBluePhoenix
Brackenstrike and Ravenstripe
Paired together by Redlion120 Brackenstrike and Ravenstripe have had two kits. 

Ashenkit, She-cat
(Warrior name : Ashensprint)
Pale grey, darker grey and black tortishell she-cat with blue eyes. 
Strong she-cat who gained her warrior name through her ability to run quicker than anyone else in her clan. She is a loyal and honorable she-cat who does everything she can to help her clan. She longs to lead someday but is often held back by her occasional over confidence in her ability as she is talented and she knows it. Occasionally her over confidence can rub people the wrong way but generally she is considered a loyal and hard working member of her clan. 

Splinterkit, Tom-cat
(Warrior name : Splintersteps)
Dark brown tom with white ear and stripes along her back, and a white foot. Blue eyes.
Hard working and strong, Splinterkit is a caring and friendly cat. He cares for every member of his clan equally and tries his very best to prove himself as the greatest warrior he can be. Despite his quiet demeanor he is actually a born leader but has no actual aim to become a leader. He is an accomplished hunter and a skilled fighter. Overall he is a strong and loyal clan member. 

I hope you like them!
Brackenstrike and Violet by PsychoBluePhoenix
Brackenstrike and Violet
Paired together by sapphiremantis Brackenstrike and Violet have had one kit!

Violetkit, She-cat
(Warrior Name : Violetstorm)
Although she is named after her mother, she behaves more like her father having a slight level of detest for her harsh mother. Violetkit is a strong and loyal she-cat that is willing to risk everything for her clan. She longs to lead someday and does everything she can to prove herself to her clan. She is a tad prideful and dislikes being proven wrong and is more than willing to fight hard to prove herself better. She is strong willed, honorable and talented. She does take after her mother by having her sharp tongue and distrust, but only towards to other clans. 

Hope you like her!
Hephaestus and Ravenstripe by PsychoBluePhoenix
Hephaestus and Ravenstripe
Paired together by A-ngel-of-Mercy Hephaestus and Ravenstripe have had two kits.

Russetkit, Tom-cat
(Warrior Name : Russetstrike)
Vibrant red tom with black stripes and one darker red foot. Pale blue eyes.
Honorable tom-cat with a calm personality. He prefers to listen to others quietly and is generally considered as kind and caring. He can be very distrustful at time but in general he is good to those who are kind to him. He is stubborn and can hold a grudge for a very long time if you cross him. 

Rubykit, She-cat
(Warrior Name : Rubyheart)
Grey she-cat with white feet and darker grey stripes along her legs and flank. Black ears and stripes running along her spine. Red eyes.
A rather spiteful she-cat Rubykit is often considered a little vicious. She likes to fight and is good at it. She is a formidable opponent and very competitive. She is a large she-cat with strong powerful legs and keen senses. She is a bit defensive but if you can befriend her she is loyal and caring to those she cares for. 

Hope you like them!


PsychoBluePhoenix has started a donation pool!
2,441 / 5,000
Please, I'm trying to get points to give to :iconwinning-points:, They run great competitions so they need help to make awesome prizes to give others a great time. It allows others to earn points while having fun.

1 :points: = 1 llama and :+fav:

2 :points: = 1 llama and 2 :+fav:

3 :points: = 1 llama and 5 :+fav:

5-8 :points: = 1 llama and 10 :+fav: and :+devwatch:

9-15 :points: = 1 llama and 10 :+fav: and :+devwatch:
Also a free adopt or custom from my gallery or request.

16-25 :points: = 2 llama(1 from Aviianna-Points and 20 :+fav: and 2 :+devwatch: (1 from Aviianna-Points)
Also a 3 free adopts or customs from my gallery or request.
AND MY FOREVER LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I started getting comments on a piece that I had gotton nothing on for a week I was confused - Then I looked at it and I screamed with joy as I read "Daily Deviation"

I'm so happy!!! never had one until now and I'm just so so excited!!!

Happy journal complete!

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Favourite Book Series: Warriors

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